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Optimized Paint Processing for TPO and other plastics

Want to know how to effectively paint TPO? Or how to paint other plastics to include ABS, PC/ABS, Polycarbonate, Nylon, RIM Urethane, SMC or ?? You want the finish of your component to last and meet all appearance requirements (such as gloss, DOI and orange peel). TFI can share our materials, paint and finishing expertise to make your product/program a success.

TFI provides a painting facility that is fully capable of simulating, on a smaller scale, the highly technical paint processes required in today's automotive industry. The TFI paint system is sized to accomodate parts from test plaques to full size fascias. Paint finishing is performed with absolute process control with the key process control variables certified.

TFI employs a Clean Room Concept to provide optimal appearance of exterior high gloss applications. TFI’s finishing system includes the ability to powerwash parts to the most stringent automotive standards. All key process control variables are monitored to ensure process control from powerwash to final bake.